• Candle Melt

    This is an experiment with both pyro and FLIP viscous fluids in Houdini. This is a project that I desperately need to go back and mess with until I get it to a more satisfactory point.

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  • Nike of Samothrace Destruction

    This project is an RBD destruction with a custom voronoi fracture based on a volume-painted size attribute. The statue model was downloaded from CGTrader. This project was created in Houdini (with Substance Painter for the texture) and rendered in Mantra.

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  • Salmon Spawn

    This is a texturing project – none of the models here are my own, bar the basic environment and the lilypad. The goal here is to show change in textures, specifically with a salmon going to spawn. This is textured in Substance Painter and rendered in Arnold in Maya. I plan to revisit this project […]

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