Kafkaesque: Class 16

The last two days, I’ve been working on the softbody sims. Here’s where they are in their current states:

Here are my current concerns:

Out of bed: his legs poke through the blanket as he rolls. I patched this problem up by deleting the geometry of the offending feet and setting a switch node to use either the footless geo or full geo depending on the frame. There’s got to be a better or smarter way to resolve that, but this method is good enough for now. There’s also some jittering in the blanket near the end.

Subway: For whatever reason, his antennae are dangling and swinging around in this sim. It’s probably an issue with connectivity after remeshing.

Into bed: In order to get the necessary velocity for Quentin to hit the bed, the forces exerted are pretty strong, so he moves very quickly for the first second or so. I used a retime SOP to slow down and then shift that early movement (so frames 24-36 are now 12-36) but the speed change is fairly noticeable so it needs a bit of help. Creating a retime stage between 50% and 100% should do the trick. Also, blanket jitter.

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