Kafkaesque: Class 19

We are very much closing in on the finish line here at Kafkaesque Headquarters (i.e. Montgomery Hall). Here’s the film rendered out with backgrounds comped. No breakdown as of right now, but it’ll happen.

Notes I have to make: for some reason, there was a lot of texture flashing on the subway. I roto’ed the problematic ads and match-moved them over the entire sequence, but there’s some strangeness in the bounce light as a result.

There’s also some material strangeness on Quentin himself. This is not a high priority for Class 20, but we’ll be continuing work on this project over the summer and I’d like to get it all ironed out then.

Quentin’s leg clips through a takeout box in shot 9. At some point, I will merely remove the offending takeout box from Quentin’s path and re-render the sequence.

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