Kafkaesque: Class 2

To begin production on the short, I first created a scene in Houdini with everything to the appropriate scale in meters based on my existing plans for the house of the main character, Quentin. For scale reference, I added Houdini’s template body (I’m not sure why they’ve made him naked, but it makes me laugh). My next task is to combine the scenes that Ryan has already modeled into this file and make sure they are sized appropriately, as well as creating cameras for each shot.

After this, I switched gears to focus on modeling some kitchen items. They are currently not sized correctly, because I am modeling in Maya to import into Houdini later, and the pipeline between the two causes assets to change scale drastically during the import process. As such, I am planning on addressing scale issues after import. Currently, I have only modeled the trashcan and two forms of kitchen counter — one for the edge of the counter and one for the middle for proper repetition.
I intend to have modeling done for all major kitchen assets by Class 3.

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