The Tower: Class 15

Well, I’ve run into approximately 7000 issues since last class. Probably the most important at this point is that my sims have become far too heavy to render in Maya. Poor Maya can’t handle a 6GB ABC, which I can’t fault her for. This means that I’m going to switch my rendering solution to Mantra, which will make my life easier later and harder now as I’ll have to rebuild textures/shaders & light in Houdini.

The other issue I have failed to consider is that there is no easy way to handle the moss on the tower during the collapse. I’m working on problem solving this but I don’t have a solution as of this very moment.

I’ve tried something new with the one problematic tower collapse camera angle. That tower collapse does have a dust sim to go along with it, but it needs to be re-cached to align with the RBD sim and I think if I don’t sleep I am going to turn into dust myself.

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