The Tower Class 20

Rendering has not gone as smoothly as I had hoped. The majority of the shots were within acceptable margins of dropped frames, but the shots of the tower collapse were not. In shot six, I am still missing 70 of ~150 total frames.

This has been baffling and infuriating, as the log files list no warnings or errors and I can’t figure out what the problem has been after multiple days of repeated attempts. My final render job has been submitted and I am attempting to render on only the highest quality nodes on the farm. Unfortunately, since this is seemingly my millionth attempt in the last 22 hours I’ve been sitting at my computer (and a million more in the days prior), I am still 29th in the queue. If this job miraculously works, I will re-edit a final final version of The Tower.

Otherwise, I’ve had to change the edit a bit. Shot 6, with its falling camera, has been cut into two shots. It had a gap in the middle of about 40 frames which refused to render, so I couldn’t fudge the missing frames like I did in the earlier portion of the shot. I am, of course, not thrilled about this, but when the plan goes awry, there is no option but to pivot.

I’m sure there’s more I should say here, but at 5 am, I can’t recall what it is.

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