The Tower: Class 6

This week, I’m working on textures. I started by UVing the rocks and the moss. The rocks were done by separating the imported mesh into the 4712 individual rock objects. The UVs for all of these were stacked on top of each other, which would make every rock display the same texture, and using Maya’s layout function as-is would make them tiny within the texture map, meaning I would need a huge texture map for each stone to have more than a couple pixels. I solved this problem by writing a quick script to index through my group, making 152 groups of 31 stones each. The script then selects the UV shells in those groups and performs the UV layout one group at a time. This creates a very messy-looking set of UVs for the overall rock group with lots of overlapping UVs but ultimately does what I need it to do. There’s probably a way to do all that within Maya’s GUI, but I don’t know it!

The moss, on the other hand, I UVed through Houdini’s UV Flatten node and brute force.

I also began texturing the stones in Substance Painter. What I currently have is really just a lot of procedural noise patterns layered on top of each other.

By next week, I’d like to be finished with texturing, as well as having the tower model a bit more finished (I have a window model that I have not yet integrated into the tower as a whole).

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